“CHOCO RIVER… WIDER THAN A MILE” Today is the third day of the week-long CNY holiday in China, a festive time when binge-eating isn’t…

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Actually… I was saving this post for another time.  Because first of all, something borderline “sweet” and similarly “French-toasty” had already taken the space…

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breakfast burger

Taiwanese like to fancy themselves as major eaters, extraordinaires among the yumness-community.  “Taiwanese food is da bomb!  Huh-huh-hah-hee!”.  “Too spicy for who??!  Huh-huh-hah-hee (…forget…

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apple muffin featured header

Apple++ Muffins

(简体)(繁體) Have I become unintentionally popular among neighbors?  It can’t possibly…  I never join the gathering-in-the-lobby-making-small-talks group.  I give dirty looks to kids on…

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red bean biscuit featured header

Unintended Red Bean Biscuits

(简体)(繁體)   As it was very well documented, Jason and I had a wonderful trip to Malaysia last month.  And needless to say my kitchen…

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egg crepe featured header

Egg Crepes

(简体)(繁體)  I think that more than lunch, or dinner, or snacks and what-nots, people tend to have a more fixated idea on what a…

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red velvet ebelskiver featured header

Red Velvet Ebelskivers

(Chinese versions coming soon) The logic goes that after a feeding-frenzy Malaysia binge-party, that my head and soul should be filled with just Malaysian…

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